Work Baby Work!

Sometimes getting things to work and writing blogs can be exhausting.

I’ve had this blog reset so many times that it’s really starting to aggravate me so maybe that’s what I get for getting a God blog.

What the heck is a God blog anyways?

It’s  a blog where I try to explain life.

Can you even do such a thing?

So until this lovely blog does the right thing, I’m not spending too much time on posting here.


OK!  Did you know there was  a difference between blog posts and blog pages?


There is!


So that was my problem. I was searching for a post that I wrote as a page and then BAM..I’m totally confused.


So..I have already written a little of what I believe.


The next time, I’ll try to talk about karma.


Some religious people roll their eyes when they hear karma.  I think that’s silly.

I could say God in place of karma and they would accept it.

It is so strange to me how powerful words can be in a world where people rely so much on other things.


But I guess when it comes down to it…words are the most powerful thing we really have.

Just think of all the battles hashed out on facebook.

It is crazy how the “written word” is no more important than ever.

Perhaps I will go through the bible and see what I see.

That might be interesting.