Becoming a Leader – Like Jesus Did

Let’s talk about Jesus.

Whether you believe in him or not, you have to admit the guy has left an impression on this Earth in some form or another and doesn’t just pop up in one religion….he’s kind of all over the place.

That Omnipresence kind of living right?

What if Jesus was here today?

Who would he be?

You’d have to look for someone who has left a sizable impression on the people of the world.

The only advantage Jesus had was that the population was much smaller…but then again..he didn’t have the internet.

I bet you today’s Jesus would definitely use the internet to help teach and preach to his followers.

The internet gives you leverage on the huge populations in the world and you don’t have to worry about walking for days just to tell your story.

But what does being a lead have anything to do with being like Jesus?

Again, whether or not you believe in him is irrelevant because you have to admire the “fame” that Jesus created for himself, his God (Jesus’s product right?) and his beliefs. ┬áHe didn’t just leave an impression…he left a freakin nuclear bomb explosion of “Positive” (depends on who you might talk to if it is positive or not) product that continues to be talked about THOUSANDS of years later.

Jesus was a salesman.

I would follow Jesus just to learn those mad selling skills.

Seriously…can you imagine the amount of stuff you could sell.

The cool thing about all the Jesus stories though is that Jesus wasn’t selling anything to get rich (although he did on a different level).

He was selling God and the religion he was a part of.

He was extremely good at it, just like any good salesmen you meet today.

Persistent and never letting go of his undeniable belief in his product.

Jesus kicked selling ass.

Whether he knew it or not, he was a master at entertainment and continues to do so thousands of years later.

The main seller of Christian music, books, poems and more, Jesus sells.

What was it that he did that made him so successful for so long?

He believe in his product and he chipped away at it every single day.

Everyone can learn from Jesus.

If you don’t believe in yourself.

You can learn to do so.

Be your own best salesman for yourself.

Believe in your product (you) and chip away at selling the absolute best you to the world.

When people buy what you’re selling (authentic you), you might be surprised at the value and life return that comes your way.

When you sit there wondering what you should do next in life.

Be Authentic.

Be you.

Sell you.

And people will like you.

You can read about Jesus and you can follow his work today and you fill that his methods are still solid.

Talking to people.

Spreading the word.

Undeniable faith in the product (for Jesus it was God)

Relentless pursuit of getting what he believed in out into the mass populations.

Standing up for what he believed in and rewarding people when he could for the things he believe were true and good.

Do what Jesus Did.

Sell the world a better life. A better living and better outlook on our reason for being here.

Maybe that should be what you sell to yourself first.

Sell happiness and do what that guy who wrote the song “Happy” did.

He changed the world one little chip at a time.

You can do it do.

All you have to do is take the first step.

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