How to you handle life when life has got you down?

According to many religions, you put your faith in the Almighty.

But…that’s hard.

Think about it. 

This invisible being that is out there somewhere.

Created everything all over the place and we never see it.

Can it really exist?

I’m not here to tell you either way because I do not truly know.

It’s called blind faith.

Here’s what I believe.

No matter where you are on the planet you always have LOVE within you and I truly believe that the LOVE there is in everyone and is what everyone calls the Almighty being.

Sure there are stories and biblical writings, but I believe those writings were written to try and help others understand because believing in a being that connects us all as a unit is hard.

You need to have concrete imagery to get others to believe what you believe and invisible is hard to prove.

From New York to the lush Marikina valley, you will find it common among all people that they have some type of belief  one way or another about the goodness of people.

Some may believe it all learned, some believe it is given by a praised entity and others believe that it is inherent and there is not further explanation.

Taking a look at Quantum Physics, you can see that the smallest of particles that we are made of have pairs and are entangled with one another.

Could it be that our “opposites” is that innate sense of humaness within us?

Perhaps that entangled us (if it exists) is the Almighty right?

Why not?

Why can’t it be?



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