How do you make it another day?

This is a great question especially when everything seems to be tumbling down around you.

Some people say just pray.

And some people, as I have found out recently, will actually pray and fast.

As in…no eating or drinking.

I don’t understand this but was told that it’s what it says in the Bible.

I think this is slightly crazy but I understand how it might help.

You see, if you fast, you focus on your reason for fasting when you get hungry enough.

So if you find yourself starving (which is fasting gone too long) then you remember why you put your body in that predicament in the first place and you continue if your reason is large enough.

Oddly enough, I have a tone o weight to lose and I’m wondering if I would just pray about it and just fast if it would work…but you run the problem of fasting too long when you put a goal up like that.

Ok..enough with rambling about weight loss.

Let’s get back to: How do you make it another day?

This is a hard question.

As I have aged and had kids, (still young kids right now) I find myself wondering why am I still here.  Of course those are on the absolute worst days.

I know myself well enough that I would never take any action to end terrible days, other than go to sleep, but I have wondered if anyone would care if I just drove off the side of a bridge or in a ditch.

Would it really matter?

Then I think of my children and the pain it would cause them and I let that thought slip away just a quickly as it came into my mind.

Life is not easy.

It’s just not.

Even if you have thousands OR millions of dollars, you can not always be happy.

Happiness is something you have to train for.

Funny huh?

Some people find their happiness in serving God.

I know a chiropractor who does just that and always seems to have a smile on his face.

Maybe God is what you need if you are wondering how you make it through another day.

You see….(I’ve already explained)…God is LOVE and love can so powerful things.

You have to believe in it and think about it to see more of it.

Same with happiness.

You have to seek it.

So, if you are wondering how to make it through the day.

First, take one moment at time.

In each moment – See Happiness


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