Let the Past Go, Live in the Present

I know you have said this many times; I know I have. “If only I had” or “I should have.” While it is not wrong to want a different outcome for a situation, dwelling on the past is. You can’t change what has already happen. What you can do is change the reasons for making the choices that you did. Simply put, you know not what to do next time.

If you are living in the present, you have got a big problem. No matter how badly you want a situation to change, it can’t. What’s done is done. When you linger in the past, you are keeping those feelings close, which hinders your personal growth for the present and the future. As long as you live on this planet, you will have to make choices. You can’t make clear decisions about anything if you keep bringing up past decisions.

Hard to Admit

For a  lot of people (I am like this at times, trying to change though), it is hard to admit when we have made a bad decision. Your energy would be better spent examining why you made the bad decision you did. What was I thinking? There is nothing wrong with some self-examination every now and then.

The next time you are saying to yourself, “If I shoulda, woulda, coulda,” stop. You can never prepare yourself for every possible outcome to every possible situation in your life. What you can prepare for is your reaction.



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