Life – What’s that?


I’ve been wondering forever how to approach this.

I have this ministry webpage and I have no idea why it wasn’t kept but I have a moral obligation to continue the teachings in some way.

I don’t want to be anything but true here and since it is an opportunity to learn for me, I might as well learn about faith right?

Me? Faith?

LOVE Exists Only because of EVIL

EVIL only exists because of LOVE

Perhaps I should start with how I came to believe in GOD….Holy Spirit….really it doesn’t matter what you call it….It’s all encompassing and the same world wide….with just a different name.

Without going into too much elaboration and detail  on my first post, I came to really know GOD by failing to know what it was every time I tried to do it someone else’s way.

You see…I’m different.  I always have been and I always will be….YET…I am just the same.  (Perhaps the title of my next blog post?)

I could never get into the church thing (oh wait…I did but then some evil destroying energy was emitted and I left).  Trust me, I’ve tried Catholic, Jewish, Born Again, United Methodist, Baptist (both…first and second more prominent of one race and another the other), Presbyterian.

You name it, I’ve probably read about it, studied it (sort of) or tried it.

Just that statement in and of it’s own should show innately I’ve been seeking more in life.  Spirituality.  We all need it and the most successful people in the world?  They don’t exist without it.

In this blog, you will find me open and free and talking about exactly how I came to know God.

So..the short and sweet you were waiting for?  You’ve heard it before…


But how? Simple.  LOVE is GOD.

So…with that…I want you to think about this and how I might have come to this conclusion.

Although I had heard of the quote before, it wasn’t until I came to the conclusion on my own one day that I remembered that I heard it somewhere.

My Background?  My qualifications you ask?   Really the answer should be good enough for me to say:  I’m alive.  Simple as that.  Here I am….alive when odds would have it that I might have been dead several times.

I really look forward to this God exploration with you and it is my hope that I can write about something everyday.  I hope to explore all religions here to prove to you what I know to be true….however…I do not judge and do not dictate what others need in order to find their GOD in their life.  We are so alike but so different in our needs and at separate intervals of our life.

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